Bulldogs are one of the most recognizable breeds, with their stocky build, striking underbite, floppy lips, and wrinkled faces. The bulldog hails from the U.K., where they’re considered a mascot of sorts. Many compared British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to the bulldog for his unwavering persistence and gruff charm.

Bulldogs range in size from 40 to 50 pounds—they’re short but hefty. Despite their brusque look, they’re incredibly loving towards owners and family members, particularly children. Bulldogs were the fourth most popular breed in 2015, according to the AKC.

As their owners will testify, their eccentric personalities provide endless amusement. Here’s what many bulldog owners will tell you about their beloved breed.

1. Bulldogs Love to Irrationally Bark at Nothing

Okay, not nothing. But something perfectly harmless, like a lunch box, a photograph, a ceiling fan, or, in this case, a door. Because you can never be too trusting.

2. Bulldogs Are Divas

Bulldogs know what they like and what they don’t like, and they’ll demand you keep them in the happy zone.

For each bulldog, the preference may be different. She hates tap water and will give you the stink-eye if you fill her bowl with the “regular stuff.” He refuses to take ear drops and will lock himself in his own crate to avoid the torture. We’ve got to stand behind our convictions, right?

3. Bulldogs Enjoy a Daily Freak Out

Just like you need your morning coffee or a daily shower, a bulldog needs to completely lose her mind and throw a hilarious tantrum at some point every twenty-four hours.

Who knows why or what it means, only that it’s guaranteed to be amazing.

4. Bulldogs Can Be a Little Pushy

Flickr / @Zoom Room

Bulldogs like to use a plush toy the way a person might use a whip or boxing glove. The goal is to get the human on board with play time. And fast. Imagine: You’re watching “Game of Thrones,” and here comes Bulldog with his stuffed rabbit, ramming it into your thigh just when Daenerys is about to park her dragon in…

Good thing the tech gods invented the pause button. Because it’s toy time. Got it?!

5. But They’re Also Totally Laid Back

Bulldogs are accused of being low-energy or lazy, but they just like to take it easy. Aside from the aforementioned daily freak-out, bulldogs are generally mellow and happy-go-lucky.

They make a few demands here and there, but otherwise they’re like putty in your hands. Or like an entire drum set!

6. Bulldogs Are Lovers

Flickr / @markkennydavid

Bring a bulldog into your life, and you can expect endless affection. They love to stay close, follow you around the house, and snuggle up next to you. They instinctively know to approach children with patience and passivity.

They might look like NFL offensive linemen, but they’re big ol’ sweeties through and through.

7. That Face!

Flickr / @Cathie V

Bulldogs may have a face only a mother could love, but it’s a love unlike any other. Those serious, slightly droopy eyes. Those tender, flowing jowls! That nose buried in wrinkles. Who wouldn’t want to come home to that mug every day?