The origin of bulldogs is quite controversial.  The breed was developed in the 18th century, in England, for a very specific purpose: to be used in a practice known as Bull-baiting, which involved dogs and bulls.  The objective of the “sport” was for the dogs to provoke the bulls with the intention of entertaining the public that attended the event.  For this, a bull was arrested and two or more dogs were released on him until he knocked him down.  The fight between dogs and bulls also made beef more tender when it was slaughtered.  From this violent practice the dog received the name of Bull-dog (bull dog).

 Bulldog owners placed great value on their dogs' pain resistance and ferocity.  After many years Bull-baiting has become illegal, fortunately.  But the cruelty did not stop there.  Tests were carried out so that the bulldogs started to face dogs of their own species.  However, this attempt was unsuccessful.

 Due to the fact that bulldogs behave themselves for aggressive fighting with bulls, and do not show ability to fight dogs, these animals were almost extinct.  However, due to their unique appearance, bulldogs ended up winning loyal admirers.  Some English immigrants living in the United States maintained the breed with little change, giving rise to American bulldogs.  In England, the original bulldog was crossed with smaller and less ferocious dogs, changing its shape until they no longer show aggressive features.  The interference at their intersections was also almost a reason for their disappearance.  After so many changes to present the characteristics for which he is currently known, there was some difficulty so that he could reproduce himself.

 After this long history of his ancestors, being from England, the bulldog became a true symbol of the country.  Currently the English bulldog is considered a breed of company, created from the old bulldog with more ferocious attributes - this one is now extinct.

 Today's English bulldog is not an aggressive dog capable of handling bulls, but rather an animal that, despite appearing to be a moody dog, is just a nice chubby dog.  Its current characteristics do not allow it to do intense activities.  His friendly and caring character has earned him the position of a pet in thousands of homes where he is considered to be another member of the family.  Currently, in the United States, the English bulldog is considered the 4th most popular breed of dog.


 Don't be fooled by the face of few English bulldog friends

 Although he has a history of fighting dog, the English bulldog can be very affectionate, kind and a faithful companion.  Due to their loyalty, it is quite difficult to make dogs of this breed change owners.  This nice chubby man usually elects a single member of the family, for whom he will have true adoration and will not neglect even for a second.  The English bulldog needs a lot of attention and is not an animal that should be left alone for long periods.

 English bulldog is synonymous with tranquility.  His moody appearance generally makes the wrong impression.  These dogs usually have a very friendly and calm character.  It is an animal that feels good about being in the company of people and, therefore, prefers to stay indoors.  It is not a very active dog, that runs without stopping or that has resistance for long walks.  However, the English bulldog likes to play and enjoy outdoor walks - as long as they are short daily walks.  It only takes a few blocks to make your mate happy.

  So do you mean that the English bulldog is that easygoing buddy who doesn't stress about anything?  No. It’s not quite there either.  Dogs of this breed are extremely possessive of what is theirs.  Due to the characteristics of loyalty and possessiveness these animals can even be good guard dogs.  Don't want to see an angry English bulldog.  When it comes to defending your territory and your family get out of the way!
 In general, English bulldogs usually have a good relationship with other pets that live with him in the same house.  However, some can be aggressive if they need to compete for food or toys.  Although possessive and, at times, a little stubborn, what the dogs of this breed want most is to please the people they live with.  Including children.  Most of them have a well-developed sense of humor.  An interesting fact about this breed is that males tend to be a little more loving than females, who are usually more independent and territorial.

 It should be noted that the character of your English bulldog can change.  This is due to the conditions in which the dog lives or has lived.  Some English bulldogs can become antisocial and aggressive.  In order to have a well-behaved adult it is important that the puppies are socialized from an early age.  That way your dog will be more likely to become that quiet, calm and caring adult that was mentioned earlier.  So, give your puppy a lot of love and educate him as a puppy.  He may require a good deal of patience to be polite, but don't give up, as they are often successful in this challenge.  Besides, he will certainly return all this with great love, affection and loyalty.