Pets are part of our family, and when choosing to buy or adopt a puppy you need to take into consideration which breed will best adapt to our home and lifestyle. If you have children at home, this process becomes even more important, as it is necessary to know the best breed of dog to live with your little ones.

Short, strong, and docile, the English bulldog is an excellent companion for the family and can adapt well to children. The appearance and somewhat sulky of this dog makes some people still afraid to take this animal to their home. However, just search a little more and: surprise! The English bulldog is known to be one of the most loving breeds for little ones. Who has never come across images of the double child and bulldog on the internet? It's hard to resist so much cuteness, isn't it? In addition, the bulldog appears in an initial list among the five most suitable breeds to live with young children.

But before continuing to read this text, know that this breed needs a lot of affection and love from its owners, including children. So keep in mind that in addition to taking time and money, your puppy will need a lot of attention.


When deciding for an English bulldog, the first step is to integrate them with the little ones so that everything goes well in the routine of the house. Points such as age, health and responsibility are important. There is no certain age at which a child can live with an English bulldog. If by chance the child is still a baby, it is worth watching. But this is just a preventive measure so that this nice chubby doesn't come to frighten the newborn. From the moment the child starts to walk, socializing can run wild! Some bulldogs can even play the older brother of the children - even if the family arrives later. This is due to such complicity and protection that they usually develop in relation to the little ones.

English Bulldogs are calm and peaceful dogs. They love the company of their humans and are also very tolerable with children. Despite the brown face, the English bulldog is a sensitive animal. He is a friendly dog ??with little ones and knows how to measure his strength well. This breed may be a little possessive, but they are never aggressive with their tutors. They have a nice and friendly character. Company and loyalty are also some of the qualities of an English bulldog.

It is important that the English bulldog socialization process, both with adults and children, begins as long as it is still a puppy, as it is at this stage that they acquire learning and habits. The English bulldog is a breed that is a little stubborn and, initially, can show some resistance to the commands of its tutors. Being in a new place is not usually easy for anyone, and neither is it for an English bulldog puppy. Be patient, provide a lot of affection, and spend a lot of time with your puppy. This way, you will gain your confidence and it will be easier to start training.

Even though he is a lazy dog, the English bulldog is very fond of games, as long as it is not playing ball for hours! The breed is also known to have a lot of patience. If the child starts to play a little more roughly, such as pulling, the English bulldog will not react aggressively. However, it is extremely important to teach your children that aggression should never be used in relation to animals. Any and all fun and games should involve a lot of affection and respect. But do you want to know the truth? Want to make your bulldog very, very happy? Lie comfortably with him to watch a movie or cartoon. They love to enjoy these moments with their human family.



Bulldogs can contribute a lot to the child's development, in addition to assisting in the improvement and protection of health, there will be benefits that will accompany them throughout their lives. Taking care of a puppy can help a child's affective, educational and personal development. Living with the English bulldog will mainly contribute to the sense of responsibility of the little ones, since parents can encourage their children to assist in caring for the puppy, such as feeding, walking, brushing.

Still, children are usually curious and have a lot of energy. They are always looking for games and news. With an English bulldog around, the little ones will have a daily companion for their adventures. Nothing better than playing with dogs to make everyone happy. This fun soothes and contributes to children's physical and mental health. In addition, your English bulldog will be committed to protecting its small human owners.

Best of all, the English bulldog gives himself to his family without expecting anything in return. Still, it is a puppy with a high life expectancy (between 8-10 years). There are bulldogs that live to 10, 15, 17 years. Therefore, everything indicates that he may become an “older brother” present in the children's lives for a long time. And for sure, you want him to live as long as possible with you and your family, don't you?