Pomeranian Puppies



Some reasons why Pomeranians should be chosen as your pet


Buying a pet is something that should involve a lot of planning. When choosing a new puppy for you and your family, several aspects must be taken into account, such as the time you will be available to take care of your pet, the size that the puppy will reach as an adult, and how new daily expenses. Each breed will have its necessary needs, and the ideal is that you choose the one that will best suit your home.

A very interesting breed of dog is the Pomeranian or German Spitz. This little dog got its name when it was first seen in the Pomerania region, in northern Europe. However, because they have several characteristics similar to those of wolves or sled dogs, it is believed that the breed's history began in the Arctic region of Iceland. It is these characteristic features that give these puppies great adaptability to cold temperatures. The breed gained popularity when it became Queen Victoria's favorite in England. The previous royalty fell in love with a Pomerania of red color and only 5 kg, that happened to be called Marco. The pet participated in many dog ??competitions winning many prizes. In addition to Marco, Queen Victoria had many other Poms, declaring her love for the breed.

Pomeranian dogs are well known for their cuteness. These pets resemble a toy due to its small size and abundant soft fur. It is one of the only breeds of dog that has hair covering the entire body, with the exception of only the paws. Their alert eyes and pointy ears also guarantee them a lot of personality, it is practically impossible to be enchanted by this little ball of hair!

Despite all these attributes of cuteness, opinions are often divided when it comes to this breed. That is why, Pomeranians tend not to be very friendly with visitors or strangers, but this is also easily circumvented by those first adapted and trained since young.


But these puppies are not just a cute little body! Its good adaptation to different climates, vigor, and longevity are characteristics that have won thousands of people around the world. Let's look at some of the reasons why Pomeranians can be great dogs to have in your home.

They are small dogs
Due to its small size, a Pomeranian is a good choice for people who live in small houses or apartments. Dogs of this breed generally like to stay indoors, however, it is important to make sure that your pet will have enough space to circulate and expend energy.

Pomeranians give little expense
These puppies don't usually eat a lot. Unlike larger dogs that require more food to support their bodies' needs, Pomeranians are a small breed and are well nourished with smaller amounts of feed.

They are full of energy and disposition
The Pomeranian is a vigorous animal and passionate about playing. Even if he is fine when he is alone, his company will be very important for the puppy. You can be sure that when he sees you coming home he will do anything to get your attention. This is the best time to take you for a walk outdoors. His high level of energy can also put him in prominence in dog competitions, mainly for his agility.

They are very intelligent, cheerful and outgoing
Pomeranian puppies are extremely intelligent and easy to train. As a very playful breed of dog, they will maintain the joy of their home even as adults. If adapted from an early age, they also tend to maintain a harmonious relationship with other pets.

They are excellent companies for their owners
If you like company and affection, this breed is ideal. They usually get along very well with their humans, and love to be by their side in moments of rest.

These furry ones love to cuddle and are exceptionally dedicated to their owners. On the other hand, the Pomeranian's personality tends to be quite strong. They can be a little possessive, and tend not to interact much with people who are not yet used to it. To anyone who says that when it comes to personality, Poms look a bit like cats. Friendly, but it depends!

They rarely get sick
One of the biggest advantages of having a Pomeranian is that they are in excellent health and rarely get sick. However, as it is a small dog, it has a slightly more fragile bone structure. Some traumas considered simple for other dogs can be a little more serious for Poms. It is important to be attentive and keep your pet with the veterinarian since he is a puppy. Apart from the orthopedic issue, Pomeranians are extremely healthy and tend to have a long life. These puppies have a life expectancy of around 12 years.

They are great watchdogs
Exactly. Don't be fooled by their size, because if they feel something is wrong in their territory they will bark desperately. Pomeranians are not aggressive dogs, but are afraid of strangers at first.

If those reasons are not enough to convince you to have a Pom, know that the dog known to be the cutest in the world was a Pomeranian. He was called Boo. Unfortunately, Boo was already 12 years old and left us last year. Your Facebook remains active and the account has more than 15 million followers.